Ask (guest article)

In this guest post, HR Business Partner Ankita Poddar explains how asking for what you want is a competitive advantage in today's world, and sets a challenge to get you asking more.

The importance of good customer service in HR

The principles of good customer service are not just reserved for typical frontline customer-facing roles. In almost any role, and any level of seniority, there’s still a place for the skills and attitude developed from good customer service, and especially in HR. In this post, I explain why.

Establishing professional credibility

Professional credibility sits at the core of any person, in any profession, and acts as your career’s reputation. If you're looking for ways to establish, or even build on your professional credibility, take a look at this post where I explain how this can be done in just two steps.

How to present HR data

When presenting HR metrics, explain what they mean, not what they are. Reciting figures is boring, unhelpful and done to death. In this post, I talk about how to present data that is insightful, provides value, and keeps everyone awake.

Realign your efforts or your goals?

When you come to realise you’ve steered off course from your career or development goals, you might want to consider if your efforts have gone askew, or if your goal has evolved into something else without you realising. In this post I talk about what you can do to determine this and what to do about it.