Besides the day job as a senior HR professional, this is what I’m working on right now:

  • Writing semi-cool stuff for this blog and other publications
  • Building up my portfolio for my Chartered MCIPD application – I’m hoping to apply via the experience route some time in 2020
  • Conducting research for a book I’m thinking of writing on employee/employer partnership (although as the research takes on a life of its own, the nature of the book might change)
  • Making a start on my first review of a book I’ve been assigned to (can’t give too much away)
  • Reading ‘Business Psychology and Organisational Behaviour’ by Eugene McKenna
  • Also reading ‘The man who watched women’ by Hans Rosenfeldt and Michael Hjorth, a Scandinoir crime thriller, as recommended by my husband (good call)
  • Writing tasty recipes for a food blog I also own
  • Keeping in the loop on Twitter and LinkedIn (links below)