Thank you for considering to submit an article to be published on The Avid Doer! I really appreciate anyone who wants to contribute to the work The Avid Doer does, and it’s great to hear advice and insight from other people who share my passion of career development, people management, and the world of work.

Before you consider submitting an article, please can you read through some pointers to bear in mind:

  • The work you submit must be your own.
  • The work should be in-keeping with The Avid Doer’s theme and if I choose to not publish your work, please do not take it personally – I just need to keep the branding as consistent as possible while also allowing guest writers to contribute their angle. Ideally, the content should be easy-to-read, informative, not overly formal, and aimed at fellow avid doers – something that speaks to people who like learning about new concepts to get a better understanding of work in order to manage and develop their careers.
  • Following from the previous point, your work will not be published if it is offensive in any way, or contains provocative or contentious material. The Avid Doer is about offering constructive and supportive advice and ideas, rather than a platform for heated debates. Articles that include sponsored content or promotion of products will also not be published.
  • As editor, I will make any spelling, punctuation and grammar corrections before publishing the article.
  • I make no money from this blog at all, it’s completely for pleasure and sharing insight into career management, career development and the world of work. As such if you would like to submit an article, this won’t be a paid gig; it’s purely voluntary, but of course it will be published under your name, and you can include your pen portrait, headshot and links.
  • I try to keep the articles uber-minimalist, focussing all the effort on the writing. As such, please don’t send in any images to accompany your article unless they are diagrams or infographics. You will just need to send your headshot that will accompany the author bio at the end of the article (this will be published in black and white).
  • Due to a posting schedule that’s developed weeks in advance, I will try my best to fit your article in as soon as possible but I’ll let you know as soon as I know when it will be published.
  • Your article will remain published on The Avid Doer indefinitely. If you decide you would like your article to be taken down at any point, please let me know and I will confirm once this has been done.
  • If any of your articles get published on The Avid Doer, feel free to mention it and/or link to it in any of your blurbs, bios, blog etc. if you so wish (you don’t need to and isn’t a condition to guest write).
  • By default, readers will not be able to comment on your article.

House style

  • Please make sure that any statistics, quotes and statements are correctly referenced from reputable sources (no Wikipedia please).
  • Articles should be at least 750 words long. I don’t want to put an upper limit to the word count as I feel this can restrict the writing process, however, if it is a long one, please make sure each word counts. If it’s really long, I might go back to you to suggest splitting it into a two-, three- etc. parter.
  • Please spell out each acronym once before using the acronym throughout the rest of the text.
  • Feel free to use italicised and bold words where relevant, but please refrain from using underlines – the word(s) will look like a hyperlinks. Don’t worry about fonts and colours; it will all be in the house style when published.