The Avid Doer was created in November 2017 by Charles Goff-Deakins Assoc CIPD who is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and self-confessed HR geek.

Through his articles, Charles aims to teach HR/L&D professionals to harness high-in-demand transferable soft skills and capabilities to lead, manage and develop their careers with confidence.

The articles are written from his perspective from working in a number of varied roles (waiter, banking analyst, accountant, artist, goat farmer…), at various levels (entry, supervisor, manager, solopreneur), and within a number of industries and sectors (HR, banking, catering, health and safety, customer service).

At each step of Charles’ career, he was keen to develop a game plan to manage his career and get where he wanted to be. Be it a move up, sideways or at a completely new tangent, his determination has brought him to where he is now: he can confidently say he loves his job and working life (sorry, he’s one of those).

He’s had to find ways of overcoming personal barriers and his ‘quirks’ as an introvert to develop as an HR professional and over the years, this has grown into a mental library of useful tips and know-how.

And by writing for The Avid Doer, he has the opportunity to share this with you.

Charles divides his time working as a senior HR officer, writing for The Avid Doer and HR Zone, no doubt studying a course of some kind, and keeping a home with his husband in the Peak District where he cooks, writes, takes photographs and hikes.

It is important to note that any advice or guidance offered on The Avid Doer is for information only, and should not be used as legal advice. The articles are written from what Charles has experienced and learned, and is written purely from his own point of view. At no point do these opinions or the advice represent those of his employer, past and present. Please seek the assistance of a legal professional if you require support.

The contents of this website can be shared freely with those you feel will benefit from it but please credit the author and the website and do not pass as your own work. Passing any of The Avid Doer contents as your own constitutes as infringement and is against the law. Commercial copying, hiring, or lending is strictly prohibited.