The importance of downtime

Mathematical buffs out there might have noticed that the Avid Doer publishes a post every 7 days. In these early days, I figured this was a healthy frequency while it finds its voice and audience, without running out of steam too early with, say, a post every other day, while not leaving it too long as posting once a fortnight or month. I also have a full time job to keep me busy.

So as these are early days, I don’t want to steer off course by not posting just because it’s the day after Boxing Day. But the beautiful sophistication of technology means I can write this post well in advance and schedule it to be posted on a particular day and time. Which means I’m not at my computer now. I’m most probably stuffing my face with leftovers, selection boxes and watching good post-Christmas telly.

This post, therefore, is to remind you that now is the time for some down time. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, or treat the holiday as just one day and carry on with your life on the as if nothing happened. Or you might not have any holiday from work at all, especially if you work in retail or catering.

Whichever your circumstance at the moment, remember to switch off every once in a while. Us avid doers struggle to shut off; even if we’re not physically searching interesting articles on the internet (like the Avid Doer’s!), or reading up on your latest career book purchase, or working on your entrepreneurial ventures, we will still be thinking about these things. So much so that should anyone start talking to you, you become irritated at their ‘rudeness’ of interrupting your internal conversation (‘Jeez, I was only offering you another mince pie’) – I can’t imagine I’m the only person who experiences this little quirk.

A little tip to switch off – schedule in time to think

In the depths of dark winter and calorific indulgences, truly and unapologetically switch off. Tell yourself that you have set aside some time in the future (first couple of days of January?) to specifically worry yourself with playing catch up, so rest assured this time between now and then can be spent relaxing and not thinking. Who knows what busyness you’ll be getting yourself into next year so reserve your energy!

Enjoy, and have a fantastic and exciting New Year!



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